European Social Economy Week 2021

Social Economy for a Just, Green & Digital Recovery


European Social Economy Week 2021 is organized by: Social Economy Europe, Catalyst 2030, Sklad 05 – Foundation for Social and Impact Investment, ŠENT – The Slovenian Association for Mental Health, DIESIS, Transgiving Europe TGE, Euclid Network, SKUP – Community of Private Institutes, EPEKA Slovenia and ENSIE with support of Slovenian Ministry for Economic Development and Technology, European Commision, European Economic and Social Committee and OECD.

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European Social Economy Week will offer a series of diverse conferences, panels and workshops in the field of social economy with a focus on scaling up, digitalization and the sustainability of social economy and social innovation. The program activities shall be led by experts and distinguished speakers from different leading institutions across Europe. Our prospective audience includes local and international decision-makers, leading innovators and representatives of small, medium and large enterprises.

Main event of European Social Economy Week 2021 is a two-day high-level conference: ActSE2021 on 12. and 13. of October, focused into Digital Social Innovation, organised in hybrid edition at the Conference Hall of Crystal Palace in BTC City, Ljubljana, Slovenia. In the light of launching Social Economy Action Plan in the last quarter of 2021, the main topic of the conference will be on strengthening social innovation ecosystem through digital and advanced technologies. Our goal is to increase the integration of social innovation within traditional industries and sectors, which are facing the need for transformation in post pandemic period and through innovative approaches and advanced technologies achieve the solutions for the “Future of work”.



Day 1: EPEKA online conference - Housing cooperatives


Day 2: European Social Economy Awards 2021

12.10. – 13.10.2021

Day 2,3: High level conference: ActSE2021

Social Economy for a Just, Green & Digital Recovery


Day 4: Transgiving Europe - TGE Annual Meeting 2021


Day 5: ActSDGs - Social Innovation for Sustainable Development Goals 2030


Alain Coheur

Anastasia Costantini

Andrea Baranes

Ann Branch

Anna Athanasopoulou

Antonella Noya

Jan Peloza

Mojca Randl

Daniel Sorrosal

Delphine Moralis

Klavdija Kutnar

Dorotea Daniele

Filipa Farelo

Aleš Bržan

Gianluca Pastorelli

Giuseppe Guerini

Heather Roy

Goran Jeras

Imen Ouardani

Ingrid Schwaiger

Jeanne Barseghian

Nina Stegovec

Jérôme Saddier

Juan Antonio Pedreño

Karel Vanderporteen

Loek Caubo

Ludwig Forrest

Gregor Cotič

Nace Kovač

Nicholas Clark

Igor Pavel

Olivia Grégoire

Pablo Ascasibar

Paola De Baldomero Zazo

Patrizia Bussi

Patrizia Toia

Primož Šporar

Rodérick Égal

Barbara Podpečan Jesenšek

Tadej Slapnik

Wolfgang Spiess-Knafl

Vic Van Vuuren

Víctor Meseguer

Yolanda Díaz

Paola De Baldomero

Nena Dokuzov

Michael Sani

Jeroo Billimoria

Andrea Signoretti

Henrik Leshnik

Florent La Saout

Freědeěric Theěret


Session 1: Reindustrialising Europe, boosting collective entrepreneurship fo just transitions

Session 2: Digitalisation & Platform Coops

Session 3:  Boosting entrepreneurial education and Social Economy’s visibilty 

Session 4: Driving a Green Transition at the service of people 

Session 5:  Re-building Europe’s Social fabric after the COVID crisis: universal healthcare, social services and opportunnities for all

Session 6: Social Innovation and Employment

Session 7: Financing the social economy to scale-up

Session 8: European philanthropy & today’s challenges: making transnational giving an asset for sustainable development 

Session 9: Social economy as a driver of sustainable development at global level

Session 10: Launching of Slovenian Chapter Catalyst 2030

Session 11: Social Innovation for Sustainable Development Goals 2030

European Social Economy Week 2021

11.-15. OCT, Ljubljana, Slovenia 


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